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Liu Shijin

Reviewing success and problems of China's 'Go West' campaign from a subjective point of view, pushing West China's scientific development


By Hou Yongzhi, Hejianwu, Jia Kun and Liu Yunzhong, the Development Strategy and Regional Economy Department,the DRC

Research Report No 172, 2013


The "Go West" campaign has achieved great success thanks to 10 years of effort. But, it has also faced conflicts and problems, especially related to its extensive development model, the improving degree of urbanization, strengthening urban-rural integration, the weakness of further economic development potential and growing ecological stress.

In a new era of national development, economic structural transformation and upgrading has become the urgent task. The "Go West" campaign is still facing various challenges. The campaign will adhere to a proper outlook on development and exploitation, follow a path of new industrialization, pay attention to the central city construction's radiation effects on West China's development, construct a developed market environment and fully play the role of government. It will push western development in a healthy and scientific way, while resolving conflicts and tackling challenges.

Key words

"Go West" campaign, scientific development, new industrialization