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Duan Bingde

Systematic Construction Should Innovate Social Governance System


At the 2014 National Political Consultation Work Conference, on Feb 27, Ge Yanfeng, director-general of the Research Department of Social Development of the DRC, said that the social governance system is a complicated systematic project, involving many fields of economics, politics, and society. In the future, key problems should be emphasized with the system's construction as their foundation, to achieve innovations in the social governance system.

Ge looked back at the changes from social management to social governance, and saw them as a great breakthrough in society's concept and practice. The innovation of a social governance system is a basic way to promote society's systematic reforms, and it is also an important component in promoting the country's governance system and governing modernization. Compared to social management, social governance has deeper connotations, with reference to the overall reform of governing, with the common participation of the whole of society instead of mainly relying on the government, and the country being subject to the laws of the land instead of relying on administrative means, and the organic integration of management and service.