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Comments and suggestions from domestic and overseas experts on the concept of 'One Belt and One Road'


By Jiang Xiheng and Cheng Guoqiang, "One Belt and One Road" strategy research team, International Cooperation Department

Research report, No 86, 2014 (Total No 4585)


The "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road," or "One Belt and One Road" for short, were strategic concepts put forward by President Xi Jinping in September and October of 2013, which received hot discussion and positive response from the international community. Both domestic and overseas scholars paid attention to the concepts and highly praised the features of openness, peaceful development and mutual benefits. They also raised a series of suggestions and comments on the issue.

The report compiled the related comments and suggestions from domestic and overseas scholars and proposed the following ideas for implementation of "One Belt and One Road": to solicit support from the public, which could make a solid base for cooperation; to promote culture and people-to-people exchange at first, which could further drive economic cooperation; and to promote communication networking, trade connection and currency circulation based on industrial division structure. For smooth implementation and favorable results of "One Belt and One Road," the report suggested that it should deepen mutual trust and properly react to public concerns. It should transfer and innovate the cooperation model with developing countries. It should make use of domestic joint efforts and focus on the participation of enterprises, which should be the main players.