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The influence of the third industrial revolution on the global automobile industry


By Song Zifeng, Research Department of Industrial Economy, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Research Report No 94, 2014 (Total 4593)


The third industrial revolution characterized by the wide spread and use of advanced information and communication technology is springing up worldwide. The automobile industry, one of the representative industries first influenced and impacted by the third industrial revolution, will see changes in their products, manufacturing and business model.

Automobile products will become lighter, smarter and electric. Concerning manufacturing, the industry will transform to large-scale customized manufacturing in general, with the tendency of decentralized and personalized production. In addition, the business model of the automobile industry will be based more on data, interconnection and platform.

The three changes are related with each other. They will work together to trigger a significant adjustment in the competition pattern of the global automobile industry as well as help the automobile industry integrate with other industries. Meanwhile, they will also change the role of automobiles in economic society, and then promote a revolutionary and profound change in the automobile industry.