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China's economical-resource, environmentally friendly society and ecological efforts


By Xu Hongqiang, China developmental impact research team, Research Development of Foreign Economic Relations, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Report No 103 (Total 4602)


China has seen great achievements in its economy, but its large resource and energy imports and pollutants have put pressure on resources and the environment at home and abroad.

Since domestic output cannot satisfy its needs, its resource and energy imports have grown more, meaning an increasingly high dependence on foreign energy, causing problems with commodity supply and demand internationally. At the same time, the amount of pollutants it discharges is increasing rapidly with air, soil and water quality declining.

To stop this environmental pollution and create a better environment for both production and living, China has proposed a resource-saving, environmentally friendly society and a development strategy for ecological progress, to maintain sustainable development, and fulfill responsibility in reducing emissions. There has been some progress in this with some good results, and the country will continue improving its policies in the future economical-resource, environmentally-friendly society.