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Mechanism, Policy and Practice of the Service Sector


Mechanism, Policy and Practice of the Service Sector



Author: Ren Xingzhou, Wang Wei

ISBN: 978-7-80234-698-7

Publisher: China Development Press

Publication date: 08/2011




The book covers the findings of policy research on mechanism reform and innovation in the service sector. By looking back at the international experience on service sector development, the research summarizes the development stages of the service sector, its characteristics and its relation with the market economy system. It then comes up with some important theoretical findings. It also uses empirical analysis to explore the relationship between the development of the services sector and mechanism environment. It also sets up an analytical framework covering the influencing factors on services, including the market economy system, administration mechanism, operation mechanism and policy implementation. In addition, the book studies main mechanism problems in services development. It provides comprehensive reform measures and valuable policy suggestions for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) period and beyond.

The book also includes research reports of service development in some central cities in China. They are research findings based on field investigation and also serve as thoughts and policies for local services and reform. They are also applicable to other regions.