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Liu Shijin

Removing major bottlenecks in China's innovation chain (No 51, 2014, Total 4550)


By Yuan Dongming, General Office, and Ma Jun, Wang Huaiyu, Enterprise Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State council (DRC)

Report No 51, 2014 (Total 4550)


The nation's innovation chain includes basic and applied research, testing, commercialization, and industrialization, but suffers from three bottlenecks -- applied research that is separated from market demand, testing that is weak, and technology commercialization that isn't appealing -- all of which make it difficult for the country to commercialize research results.

China's scientific research system is unreasonable and part of the problem, along with the large input, long period of commercialization and the many risks. To deal with this problem, China needs scientific research reforms in management and policies. It needs to improve the demand side, provide funds for innovation guidance, and lower the test threshold. It also needs to improve science and technology incubation with the focus on market potential to remove the large input, high risk commercialization bottleneck. Along with market-driven science and technology incubation, it needs incubation models that can complement each other and develop together.