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Investigation report on Russian land system reform (No 145, 2014)


By "Russian land system reform research group" and written by Han Jun and Wang Hui, the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Report No 145, 2014 (Total 4644)


Since the 1990s, Russia has carried out a land system reform characterized by land privatization, and now it has already established laws and regulations on land transactions, transfers, registration and requisition. It has confirmed the private right of land, has formed a multiple land ownership and land market, and has established land management agencies with clear divisions of responsibility. Russia is committed to improving its land management system and increasing land utilization efficiency. China and Russia have a lot in common in their land systems, so the experience of Russia's land system reform is valuable for China.

China could promote its land system reform to protect farmers' land property rights, push forward land system reform by law, pay special attention to farmers' interests in the change of land use, make scientific planning and increase efficiencies through modern information technology, and conduct research on imposing real estate tax in proper time.