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Suggestions on increased pollution control in China's dyeing and printing industries (No 156, 2014)


Problems in pollution control in China's dyeing and printing industries and countermeasures research team, written by Li Zuojun and Wei Yun, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Report No 156, 2014 (4655)


China's printing and dyeing industry has an important role in its textile industry by helping add value to products and competitiveness, but it consumes a vast amount of water. It has been a center of attention in pollution control and environment protection efforts and China has made some progress in pollution control in printing and dyeing after years of effort. It has raised pollution treatment standards and increased supervision, but the industry still has difficulty in meeting emission standards, while product structure doesn't meet standards, technical improvements have difficulty getting policy support, and some enterprises have little awareness of environmental protection.

We need enforcement and new emission standards to deal with the increased environmental protection pressure.Also, we need to encourage the people involved to centralize their wastewater processing, change their printing and dyeing products, enforce pollution control laws, and increase pollution controls in the industry.