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Major problems in China's rainwater utilization and how to deal with them (No 155, 2014)


By Zhang Liang, General Office, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Report No 155, 2014 (Total 4654)


Rainwater utilization is important in dealing with urban water shortages and flooding, and for improving the urban environment. The world has given it a lot of attention and has seen some positive results. Some Chinese cities have also begun to focus on rainwater utilization, and have developed some momentum, but there are still problems in rainwater utilization, including a lack of knowledge and insufficient input. Also, the related law, policies, supervision, and management lag far behind. So we need to increase awareness of rainwater utilization, increase funds to support it, invest in a recovery mechanism, come up with promotion methods, build departmental coordination, and intensify supervision to do better in urban rainwater utilization.