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Suggestions on establishing a physical platform for further Sino-African cooperation (No 157, 2014)


By Yuan Dongming, Institute for Enterprise Research, & Hu Jiangyun, Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Report No 157, 2014 (Total 4656)


China and Africa have reaped positive results in economic, trade, agricultural, scientific, technological, finance, and cultural fields over several decades and China-Africa Cooperation Forum has become a model of international cooperation. Sino-African cooperation is important for the development of both China and the African countries and the cooperation between both sides has a broad prospect, but there are also some problems and challenges to be tackled. For example, there lacks a physical platform to support further mutual cooperation and some projects made at China-Africa Cooperation Forum could not be properly implemented.

China will further increase cooperation with Africa and take the new Sino-African strategic partnership to a new level. In order to make Sino-African cooperation more pragmatic and effective, it is suggested that a physical platform in the form of a multi-function park be established with transport facilities for international communication and competitive market and institutional advantages for the purpose of improving mutual exchanges, enhancing understanding and information sharing, and promoting an overall cooperation in political, economic, cultural, scientific and technological fields between the two sides.