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Increasing efforts in personnel special zone construction, leading innovation and entrepreneurship (No 168, 2014)


Lai Youwei, General Office, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Report No 168, 2014 (4667)


Building the personnel special zone and pilot personnel administration reform zone are important measures for China to foster a personnel system advantage in line with its strategy of giving priority to personnel development. Over the past few years, Zhongguancun Science Park has made trials in the personnel system by introducing high-level personnel and carrying out reforms, while creating platforms for personnel development and incubating places where high-end personnel can innovate and start businesses. It has made remarkable progress in some aspects. Human resources continue to grow with personnel agglomeration degree rising sharply. There is significant progress in system and mechanism reforms. Technological innovation becomes more active and emerging industries develop rapidly. We suggest that Zhongguancun promote comprehensive supplementary reforms for personnel development, in addition to exploring policies and measures to attract overseas high-level talent, so as to stimulate personnel and their leading role in innovation and entrepreneurship.