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Status and problems of China's credit guarantees and suggestions for its reform (No 176, 2014)


By Zhang Chenghui, Research Institute for Finance, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Research Report No 176, 2014 (Total 4675)


Because of a shortage of funds and lack of an operation mechanism suitable for guarantees, China's credit guarantee system was focused on commercial guarantee with many commercial financing guarantee companies appearing. Practice has shown that, although commercial guarantee companies have more or less been able to help micro-to-small-size enterprises get capital, they lack a business model for sustainable development because of their inherent operational defects, resulting in an increase in the cost of loans, as well as banks laziness. So, the drawbacks of credit guarantee system centered on commercial guarantee are becoming increasingly obvious and even more unsustainable. This report suggests that the government change its thinking on the development of credit guarantee system and build a better credit guarantee framework. It also needs to put finance fund together to set up a non-profit credit guarantee system and mitigate risks in the current commercial guarantee system through reforms and innovation for sustainable development.