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State-owned assets operating agency's international experience (No 170, 2014)


Research team on Institutional Reform of State-owned Assets Management, by Wang Huaiyu, Zhang Yongwei, and Jia Tao, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Research Report No 170, 2014 (Total 4669)


Temasek, Norway Government Pension Fund Global and The Electricité de France Group (EDF Group) are representatives of three types of State-owned assets operating institutions, and they have something in common as well as differences in their government-enterprise relations, internal governance, and assets management. Their experience leads to the following conclusions: first, different State-owned assets investment and operating agencies have different government-enterprise relationships and these apply under different conditions; second, State-owned enterprise policy can be applied in many ways, including special contract agreements, trusts and legal relations, the enterprise long-term development demand as well as performing shareholder's rights in State-owned enterprise; third, the internal governance and investment activities of State-owned assets agencies must be based on a market-oriented system; and fourth, a strict disclosure is indispensable in supervision.