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Development of people's livelihood in China and the main features of people's livelihood demands (No 182, 2014)


Research team on Studies on People's Livelihood Index in China, by Han Jun, Ye Xingqing, Ge Yanfeng and Jin Sanlin, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Research Report No 182, 2014 (Total 4681)


The 2013 People's Livelihood Index in China shows that people's livelihood in most of China's provinces has improved, but there is a large gap among different provinces, and the gap is becoming wider. Telephone surveys and household surveys indicate that more than half of urban and rural residents feel "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their current lives, with over 70 percent "very confident" or "somewhat confident" about their future. In addition, urban and rural residents have a comparatively high level of satisfaction about some areas, including public security, social insurance and education, while having a comparatively low level of satisfaction about employment, income and food security. A majority of residents think that the government has done a better job in fighting corruption in the last year. It has also found in the surveys that about 10 percent of residents are not satisfied with their lives, and most of them are residents with low educational attainment, low-income, non-formal jobs or without their own housing. They have a strong need for improved housing conditions, employment quality and social insurance. Governments at all levels should pay attention to the concerns of residents and strengthen efforts in major areas such as food security and employment, especially putting focus on livelihood work for those residents with less satisfaction.