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Industrial commons: a new tool sharpening the competitive edge of industrial clusters (No 4, 2015)


By Qian Pingfan, Research Department of Industrial Economy, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Research Report No 4, 2015 (Total 4689)


The industrial commons is a system that supports the development of related industrial groups, with its capacity, resources, production systems and infrastructure shared by interested parties for their common development. The industrial commons is an objective reality that has strong spillover and network effects and can promote the common development of industrial groups. It is also an effective way of organizing production and can sharpen the competitive edge of industries in a group. The US government has regarded it as an important tool for revitalizing its industries. It requires sustainable development and a concerted effort from the involved parties, and public-private cooperation can improve it more. China is now at an industrial upgrading juncture and needs to put emphasis on the industrial commons. Effort should be made to strengthen industrial commons through industrial clusters and platforms with policies being made specifically for special industrial commons.