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Doctors' work and remuneration: International experiences and inspirations (No 9, 2015)


Research team on China's medical and health system reform, by Qiu Yue, China Development Research Foundation

Research Report No 9, 2015 (Total 4694)


This paper studies doctors' work and pay in the UK, Germany, the US, Singapore and China and draw some inspirations from them. First of all, doctors' remuneration system needs to adapt to the national health system as well as social and culture background. Then, to use excellent doctors in a more efficient way, different countries have different systems stipulating the way in which doctors work, and some countries may allow public hospital doctors to work at different hospitals at the same time. In addition, remuneration of doctors in the countries mentioned above is usually higher than average, consisting of a fixed salary and performance-related salary. So, in the case of China's medical remuneration reforms, this paper has three suggestions: First, package support measures are needed for doctor's remuneration system reform in public hospitals. Second, efforts should be made to establish a guaranteed system where doctors can work in many different hospitals, but with certain limitations, which means changing a doctor's identity as someone belonging to a "unit" to a "social being". Finally, salary levels need to be raised by coming up with a more transparent, comprehensive, detailed, and varied remuneration and welfare system.