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Building Shenzhen-HK eco-community as leading livable cities (No 13, 2015)


Research team on strategy of Shenzhen-Hong Kong urban integration, by Zhao Junchao, Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

Research Report No 13, 2015 (Total 4698)


An eco-community is an important part of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong urban integration strategy. Shenzhen and Hong Kong are adjacent to each other, so there can be no ecological progress without a concerted effort. And they have already reached a consensus on the ecology and have begun exploration tentatively. So, the two need to take advantage of this to develop a unified ecological strategy in lieu of existing, but decentralized approaches to environmental protection based on the real ecological resources of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. And they need to integrate their ecological resources and improve coordination and connection in the mid-to-long-term ecological planning, by direct coordination of Shenzhen and Hong Kong governments under the Guangdong provincial-Hong Kong cooperation agreement. In addition, they should cooperate more in dealing with existing problems to restore the two cities' environment. It is imperative that the garbage disposal problem that has troubled both the cities for so long be addressed with a joint effort. A Shenzhen-Hong Kong eco-community would make the two cities more livable and this can be a starting point for further cooperation in the new stage.