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Main problems and countermeasures for China's provincial border region development (No 51, 2015)


By Zhang Liang, General Office of DRC, Liu Yicheng, Tianjin Development and Reform Commission

Research Report No 51, 2015 (Total 4736)


As a special type of regional development, provincial border areas have similar natural resources and development level, and enjoy natural geographical conditions for mutual cooperation However, they are under different administrative jurisdictions with different local policies, it is difficult for these areas to develop in coordination. The backwardness in development has already severely affected the construction of a moderately prosperous society. In order to tackle the problems hindering the development of China's provincial border areas, it is necessary to accelerate the transformation from giving full play to separate areas to emphasizing coordination among them, so as to make an overall plan for mutual cooperation. While taking overall plan of regional development as the general frame, orderly development should be led by coordinated organizations or platforms. Efforts should be made to build regional integration to make product factors flow freely, increase the total benefit through regional coordination and division of labor, foster powerful central cities in border areas for advanced development, and increase financial investment to promote the development of those areas with a late start, so as to achieve coordinated development and win-win progress through mutual complement of advantages.