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Li Wei: Consolidate the Base for Asian Economy's Sustainable Development

At present the development of Asian economy is facing both a promising future and a number of problems which merit the whole world's attention.

Since the 1970s Asia had experienced staggering development. In 2013, its economy output had already occupied about one third of that of the whole world. From 2008 to now, Asia’s contribution to the world’s economic development, its proportion of import and export volume in the world's total, as well as its investments in other parts of the world and utilization of foreign capital have all made a breakthrough growth. At the same time, Asia boasts some potential advantages such as rich labor resources, high national saving rate and booming industrialization and urbanization and it will no doubt become the most promising area around the world. It is certain that with its swift development, Asia is facing some problems and contradictions including unbalanced development among various regions, huge difference of per capita GDP, sharp conflicts between ethnic groups and classes in some countries, and interwoven scramble among major powers of the world. However, regional conflicts are not the predestination of Asian development whereas regional stability and peaceful development are the common wishes of Asian people and their governments.

From the perspective of historical experience and current situation, in order to build a prosperous Asia with an inclusive growth mode and stable and sustainable development, efforts should be made in the following six aspects:

First, build a more opening Asia. In order to achieve further development, Asia should be firmly committed to a more opening road and consolidate the base for economic and social development through exchange of each other's needs and mutual complement of advantages.

Second, build a peaceful and secure Asia. Asia cannot develop without a peaceful and stable regional environment. Peace and stability are the basic premise and assurance of Asian sustainable prosperity.

Third, build an Asia with common sharing of opportunities. The development of trade and economic cooperation and exchanges is in accordance with the need of various countries in Asia. The initiative of "One Belt and One Road" put forward by China is based on such a conception to provide wider cooperative space and share development opportunities.

Fourth, build an Asia with culture inclusiveness. Asia enjoys a splendid and diversified culture heritage and we need to carry forward the fine tradition of inclusiveness and mutual learning so as to draw upon the strengths of other countries.

Fifth, build a poverty-free Asia. The economic growth of Asia draws the whole world's attention. However, the problem of poverty has not been properly solved, and consequently the large gap between the rich and the poor will likely lead to a unstable social and political environment.

Sixth, build an ecologically sustainable Asia. Large population and high population density have made the contradiction between development and environmental resources become sharper than other continents. Environment Protection Law of People's Republic of China is aimed to relieve such a contradiction. To build an ecologically sustainable Asia requires various countries to strengthen cooperation and share experience in the field of environmental resources.