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Farmers' cooperatives: Practice and inspirations frawn from China's Taiwan Province (No 62, 2015)


By Liu Shouying, Research Department of Rural Economy of DRC & Wang Ruimin, Renmin University of China

Research Report No 62, 2015 (Total 4747)


In China's Taiwan Province, Farmer's Association is the oldest comprehensive organization for farmers, boasting the widest coverage and the largest number of members. As a public welfare social entity, Farmer's Association deals with economic, political, social and educational issues, and its four major business sectors include economy, finance, insurance and agricultural extension affairs. The work of Farmer's Association is well related with farmers' daily life and it acts as a bridge between the provincial government and the people. With the help of Farmer's Association, agricultural technologies are introduced to farmers, targeting the improvement of farmers' living quality and the development of rural economy. Following the principle of division between power and responsibility, Farmer’s Association separates decision-making from administration and supervision and membership is based on "actual engagement in agriculture" while the provincial government enables farmers to play a major role in Farmer's Association through legal provisions. Among all the farmers' associations at various levels, the township-level associations serve as the major link. Those who work above the county and city levels mainly focus on supervision, guidance and technological support, while those agricultural groups under the township level are responsible for agricultural extension. Farmer's Association in China’s Taiwan Province has gained some experience on how to connect government and farmers, how to promote farmers' cooperatives and how to serve agriculture and rural areas, which could be used as reference for mainland China.