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Policy support system for the One Belt and One Road Initiative (No 74, 2015)


By Luo Yuze, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations of DRC

Research Report No 74, 2015 (Total 4759)


It is of great significance to boost the One Belt and One Road Initiative for China to strengthen international cooperation, maintain a peaceful and stable neighboring environment and promote the comprehensive construction of an open economic system. This initiative has a wide coverage and is related with a lot of factors including sophisticated geopolitics, imbalanced economic development and diversified cultural heritage, indicating that it's complicated and onerous for implementation. Enterprises play a principal role in the construction of the initiative while government should play its part on building policy support system, developing favorable environment and establishing broad platforms so as to render a better service to guide, motivate, support and secure such a drive. The following five functions should be considered in making the policy support system for the One Belt and One Road Initiative: 1. The creation of international environment to avoid both institutional obstacles and economic and commercial cooperation impediments and to build a favorable environment for mutual construction; 2. The State guidance and planning to lead various entities to participate in the construction of such a drive; 3. Macro policy support to ensure outbound investment and Sino-foreign cooperation; 4. The construction of investment platforms and mechanisms to expand fund channels, increase allocation efficiency and guarantee investment returns; 5. A strong supportive service system to ensure the pooling of resources including information, intelligence and talents.