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Suggestions for promoting clean and efficient utilization of coal (No 79, 2015)


By Dai Jianjun, Research Team on "Institutional Mechanism and Relevant Policies for Green Development", Research Department of Techno-Economy of DRC

Research Report No 79, 2015 (Total 4764)


Coal-generated emissions are the major source of atmospheric pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions in China. However, it is hard to alter the energy structure which mainly depends on coal. Therefore, it is urgent to realize the clean and efficient utilization of coal. Developed countries have, towards this goal, adopted a series of measures such as setting emission limits of coal contaminants, enforcing strict environmental protection laws and standards for pollutant emissions, exerting concentrated and unified regulation to ensure implementation of relevant standards, rendering sustainable financial support to clean coal technology RD&D, and employing market incentive mechanism to encourage enterprises to reduce emissions. As for the clean utilization of coal in China, the overall plan and coordination are not sufficient, standards are not perfect, implementation is not in place, utilization of the instrument of economic policy is not adequate and the promotion and application of technology is slow. More efforts should be made to enhance overall planning and coordination, improve standards and law-based system for the utilization of clean coal, strictly enforce relevant laws, develop and introduce clean coal technology through industrial alliance, and accelerate the implementation of market-oriented mechanism to improve emission reduction efficiency.