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Leisure agriculture:Take agriculture-based development as the target ——Survey on Hunan leisure agriculture (No 77, 2015)


By Cheng Yu, Research Department of Rural Economy of DRC,Wang Bin,Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs & Shao Jiancheng, Ministry of Agriculture of People's Republic of China

Research Report No 77, 2015 (Total 4762)


Leisure agriculture, a new industry form, is growing rapidly and has contributed a lot to adjustment of agricultural structure, construction of rural environment and improvement of farmers' employment and income. While such problems as deviation from proper agricultural performance and impediments to rural harmony loomed up in the process of leisure agriculture development, conflicts between inadequate self development ability of farmers and improper guarantee for farmers' interests under capital infusion also cropped up in face of leisure agriculture development. By establishing management standards and strengthening policy guidance, Hunan Province has promoted the development of leisure agriculture based on agricultural production with the participation of farmers and the support of rural construction. A development mechanism, aiming at promoting mutual development of collective farms with villages and realizing win-win results for both enterprises and farmers, is built through four main forms, namely land stock cooperatives, specialized cooperatives, unified operation and construction of wall-less collective farms. In view of the existing problems of leisure agriculture development, this paper suggests that a policy encouragement mechanism should be established to ensure farmers' rights of participating in development and of sharing profit from development. And sufficient support should be in place relating to joint enterprises with collective assets, the upgrading of infrastructure construction and the cultivation of talents.