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China's financial leasing industry: Present and future development (No 84, 2015)


Tian Hui, Research Institute of Finance of DRC

Research report No 84 2015 (Total 4769)


Since 2007, China's financial leasing industry has witnessed a rapid development, mainly driven by the following three factors: the prominent advantages of financial leasing over bank credit; financial leasing boasts the function of production promotion as well as investment and financing which could satisfy the need of the transformation of China's manufacturing industry; the emergence of diversified financing service organizations in recent years. The current development of China's financial leasing industry bears the stamp of the times and China's characteristics. For example, market expands in a high speed but still enjoys great potential; the system building is still at a start, which is corresponding with the development features of China as a new economic entity; infrastructure projects account for a relative high proportion of business structure, which is identical with China's development mode driven by investments in fixed assets. In the economic new normal, China's financial leasing industry has a bright future viewing from the perspective of development power. It should develop in the following three directions: enlarging business areas, deepening non-financing function and enhancing system building.