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To summarize and optimize the mode of development zone for the enhancement of "One Belt and One Road" strategy -A case study of the Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone in Egypt (No 80, 2015)


By Niu Xiong & Qu Bing, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies of DRC

Research Report No 80, 2015 (Total 4765)


The "One Belt and One Road" Initiative is intended for the establishment of a sea-road combined multi-dimensional passage system, in which the key joints and programs would fan out from different points and lines and get integrated into belts. As a successful experience for China's rapid economic development, with the characteristics of aggregated effect and propelling regional development, the mode of development zone will go global through interbusiness collaboration and play as an efficient policy tool for the implementation of "One Belt and One Road" strategy. This paper gives a summary of the characteristics and types of the cooperation and development zone established by China and relevant countries. Taking the Suez economic and trade cooperation zone as an example, it raised the mode of hard output in the early period investment and soft output in the later period performance, as well as the concept of soft output. Based on the major problems facing cooperation and development zone, the paper suggests that the mode of cooperation and development zone be integrated into the "One Belt and One Road" strategy planning. By establishing an effective communication mechanism with the host country government and taking the cooperation development zone as a platform, emphasis should be put on soft output in the later period performance while exploring a market-based mechanism.