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Taking cultural tourism as a starting point for green transformation in areas with favorable conditions – Inspirations drawn from the research of cultural tourism in Qujing of Yunnan Province (No 90, 2015)


By Wang Hui, Almanac of China's Economy & Yang Weifu, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources of DRC

Research Report No 90, 2015 (Total 4775)


In places where conditions permit, cultural tourism is a new engine for economic growth, a booster for green development and catalyst for people's well-being, playing an important role in promoting regional green transformation. At present, those areas which enjoy resource advantages, solid industrial foundation and development potential and have an urgent desire for green transformation, could, through developing cultural tourism, propel demand growth, optimize industrial structure, promote social employment and improve people's livelihood. It is not only an effective measure for stable economic growth in the short run, but also a strategic option for green development mode in the long run. However, there are some systemic and institutional restrictions affecting the development of cultural tourism. It is suggested that the cultural tourism development should be given adequate emphasis from the perspective of economic and social development, and efforts should be made to foster cultural tourism brands with prominent characteristics in light of local conditions and realize the integrated development of cultural tourism with ecologic construction and new-type cities with related industries, so as to create an easy and favorable policy environment for social capital performance.