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The development of service outsourcing industry in the new era and policy options (No 92, 2015)


Wang Lingli & Gao Qingpeng, Research Team on "The Transformation and Upgrading of China’s Economy Driven by IT Application" of DRC

Research Report No 92, 2015 (Total 4777)


The essence of service outsourcing is the service driven by technology, a process of transforming tasks into data-based information and transmitting the data-processed information based-on information technology. The contents and extension of the service outsourcing is decided by the information technology, which enhances the continuing upgrading and development of service outsourcing industry. A new round of the development and application of information technology is now oversetting and reconstructing the values and commercial patterns of the traditional service economy, and improving the transformation and development of the service outsourcing industry. With huge potential for further development, the international service outsourcing industry has entered a fast-growing period. Service outsourcing industry in China is facing both favorable historical opportunities and challenges as well, such as the overgrowing human cost, the lack of top-level talents, the inadequate innovation ability, the overall weak service outsourcing capacity, and an operation environment calling for an urgent improvement. This paper gives some policy options on the basis of the analysis of the development trend and the opportunities and challenges facing China's service outsourcing industry against the backdrop of IT application.