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Explore new strategic zones for Chinese economy (No 86, 2015)


By ZhuoXian, LiuYunzhong, HouYongzhi & ZouXuesen

Research Team on "Study on New Strategic Zones Propping up China's Future Economy", Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy of DRC

Research Report No 86, 2015 (Total 4771)


To accelerate the building of new strategic zones is not only the urgent corresponding measure to be taken to adapt to the economic new normal, but also the inherent need to lead the economic new normal and improve China's international competitiveness. This paper provides the analysis framework and the index system for the evaluation of the strategic zones. According to the six standards including the degree of industrialization, urbanization process, the increase of labor forces, the aggregation of capital and logistics, and the appreciation of land, and through carefully screening of 285 prefecture-level cities in China on the basis of the summary of the typical performance of the original strategic zones, some cities with potential competitiveness are chosen for the building of new strategic zones along with the evaluation of the resources and environment conditions of these potential cities. According to the paper, relevant reform measures should be taken relating to the building of a unified national market, the formulation of new urbanization strategy, the construction of infrastructure, as well as the division of labor and cooperation between cross-administration regions in order to improve the scientific and orderly development of the regional economy, increase the space allocation efficiency of resources and avoid the random development of new growth sectors without considering local conditions.