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Analysis of Enterprise Questionnaire Survey on Export Growth during the First Half of 2015 (No 96, 2015)


By Zhao Jinping & Zhao Fujun, Research Team on "Analysis on Foreign Trade and Economies", Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations of DRC

Research Report No 96, 2015 (Total 4781)


In recent years, in order to get a timely grasp of China's export performance and a comprehensive picture of the difficulties and problems facing foreign trade enterprises so as to provide objective evidence for policy adjustments, the research team on "analysis on foreign trade and economies" has conducted questionnaire survey twice a year. Conducted in May 2015, this survey received valid questionnaires from 543 foreign trade enterprises in about 20 provinces. Compared with the two surveys conducted respectively in last spring and autumn, the present survey findings show that the situation of export is more severe than last year, with continued lower export price and lower profit in most enterprises. It is anticipated that the situation of export this year would remain severe. The restrictions for export growth of this year mainly result from the increase of labor cost, decreased international market demand and RMB appreciation. Enterprises suggest that the government take active actions to stabilize RMB rate, issue new policies, accelerate export rebates and improve policy measures for cross-border electronic commerce.