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Research on the Reform of the Management System of Overseas Investment (No 95, 2015)


By Zong Fangyu, Hu Jiangyun, Research team on the "Study on Several Issues Relating to Establishing a New Open Economic System", Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations of DRC

Research Report No 95, 2015 (Total 4780)


By 2014, China had in fact become a net capital exporter. Compared with the fast-growing overseas investment, the building of the management system for overseas investment is relatively lagging behind, in terms of the requirement by the swift development in the new era. Thus facilitating the reform of management structure for overseas investment is of great importance. Apart from illustrating the major issues to be addressed, this paper also provides an analysis of the status quo of management structure of overseas investment on the examination and approval system, the financing system, the risk prevention and control system and the ex-post management system. For future reform of management system of overseas investment, the top-level design should be enhanced, including the perfection of relevant laws and regulations for overseas investment cooperation, the classified regulation of the operation of both the state-owned assets and non-state-owned assets, the enhancement of service system of overseas investment, the confirmation of the principal position played by enterprises and individuals in overseas investment, the improvement of service support capacity, the regulation of overseas operations of enterprises and the enforcement of their international competition in overseas investment.