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The Development China's Urban Service Industry under the Backdrop of Green Development and Relevant Policy Options (No 94, 2015)


By Liu Tao, Institute of Market Economy of DRC

Research Report No 94 2015 (Total 4779)


Currently the development of service industry has already become the concentrated expression of cities' comprehensive strength and degree of modernization. It is also the inevitable choice of a city to achieve green and sustainable development. Theoretically speaking, the constant development of service industry could promote green development of a city while green development could provide more opportunities for the accelerated development of service industry, therefore, they are closely related with each other. In recent years, with the transformation of cities' development modes and the constant construction of ecological civilization, China's urban areas have witnessed a larger scale operation by service industry, a tangible structure upgrading, an increased number of newly emerged service business and activities, and an accelerated growth momentum of service outsourcing. However, there are also some problems, such as limited effective supply capacity, prominent unbalanced inner structure, insufficient leading function played by service innovation. It is urgent to accelerate the structure reform of supply, strengthen technology innovation and business mode innovation, boost demand through greater openness both at home and abroad, intensify investment in human capital, so as to promote the positive interaction between urban service industry development and green development.