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Further Promote SOE Staff Stock Ownership (No 100, 2015)


By Ma Jun, Ma Xiaobai, Research Group "Research on Eminent Conflicts and Relevant Countermeasures in Deepening Reform of State-owned Enterprises", Enterprise Research Institute of DRC

Research Report No 100, 2015 (Total 4785)


Staff stock ownership constitutes the main part of mixed ownership reform for state-owned enterprises as well as a major approach to establishing a long and medium-term incentive mechanism and improving corporate governance. In the past practice, China's SOE staff stock ownership had experienced the change of relaxation, suspension and regulation while a policy system featuring standard management had taken shape, which basically stopped the loophole causing the erosion of state assets in the course of implementing staff stock ownership plans. Such a move laid a sound foundation for the follow-up reform, but the remaining policy restraints and different views were not in line with the need of SOE reform and development. It is suggested that we continue to emancipate our minds and further advance staff stock ownership by following the principle of holistic planning on a type-by-type basis and promoting the innovation-driven mechanism in an active manner. Guided by a comprehensive arrangement in light of the general plan for SOE reform, we should distinguish listed enterprises from non-listed ones, separately conduct stock ownership respectively by the management level and the total staff, relax control through innovated mechanism and continue to improve relevant policy measures relating to staff stock ownership.