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To Establish a Comprehensive Internet Supervision System for Ecological Environment and Enhance the Basic Ability for Ecological Civilization Construction (No 102, 2015)


By Wang Haiqin, Cheng Huiqiang & Gao Shiji, Research Team on "Study on the Mechanism of Internet Management System for Environment Supervision", Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies of DRC

Research Report No 102, 2015 (Total 4787)


The basic ability and importance of supervision on ecological environment have become recognized by more and more people. At present, with the goal of improving the quality of supervision data and enhancing the common sharing of supervision information, a life community of all waters, mountains and forests should be established. All factors of ecological environment should be supervised by one department while the measurement and supervision should be taken simultaneously. Meanwhile, the supervision for ecological environment quality and the professional measurement should be separated to boost the reform of supervision system of the ecological environment by categories, and to build a unified, independent and highly-efficient internet supervision system for the ecological environment. On the one hand, an overall and independent state-controlled internet supervision system for ecological environment should be established to support the macro-decisions of the government and to serve the evaluation and assessment of the ecological civilization construction. On the other hand, more supervision nets for ecological environment should be developed with coordinated efforts and in light of the adjustment of functions for the construction of ecological civilization, so as to enhance the basic support rendered by professional supervision nets to different departments in performing their functions for ecological civilization construction. The supervision ability of the government for the supervision market relating to ecological environment should be improved. In addition, an "Internet Plus" of the ecological environment supervision should be promoted, and the cloud platform for the management of ecological civilization construction should be fostered.