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International Comparison on Government Cooperation in Metropolitan Areas and Relevant Implications (No 110, 2015)


By Sun Zhiyan, Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy of DRC

Research Report No 110, 2015 (Total NO 4795)


The Metropolitan area is one of the main space organization patterns for future regions and a significant engine to boost regional economic development. However, governance in metropolitan areas, due to impediments resulting from administrative barriers and local interests, often fails to achieve reasonable and effective division of labor and cooperation, triggering a series of governance problems. This marks a major challenge facing China's future regional economic development. This paper compares government cooperation cases of over 260 metropolitan areas in the globe by using related research data from OECD. Establishing physical entities to coordinate local cooperation has become the policy option of most metropolitan areas worldwide. Regional development, space planning and transportation are three core cooperation fields of local governments in metropolitan areas. Whatever cooperation pattern these governments adopt, the key is to reach consensus in common interests and the enforcement of cooperation agreements and approaches should be based on respective laws.