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Development Features and Future Performance of China's Cultural Industry (No 120, 2015)


By Lai Youwei, Huang Bin & Zhang Xiaolu, Research Team on "Institutional Mechanism and Policies for Promoting the Development of China's Cultural Industry", General Office of DRC

Research Report No 120, 2015 (Total 4805)


In recent years, China has achieved gratified results by promoting cultural reform in critical areas and key links, improving mechanisms for the management, production, and operation of cultural products, and optimizing policy environment for the cultural industry. China's cultural industry has taken on the following development features. First, the cultural industry has embarked on the track of fast development with consistent upgrading of industrial structure. Second, with deepened reform of the cultural system, state-owned or state-controlled cultural enterprises have displayed more energy. Third, the average per capita consumption of urban and rural residents in terms of education and entertainment has maintained rapid growth, but there is a widened gap in the consumption of cultural services between urban and rural residents. Fourth, the scale of foreign cultural trade has continued to expand, with increased cooperation with foreign counterparts. And fifth, key cities have taken a leading role by making breakthroughs in the cultural industry. China's cultural industry demonstrates three important development trends, viz. the cultural industry will become a major sector propelling economic development during the period of the new normal; the integrated development trend of cultural industry with other relevant industries will be increasingly apparent, and cultural consumption will enjoy a smooth and sustained growth.