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Major Problems Restricting Development of China's Cultural Industry (No 118, 2015)


By Lai Youwei &Yang Xiaodong, Research Team on "Institutional Mechanism and Policies for Promoting the Development of China's Cultural Industry", General Office, the DRC

Research Report No 118, 2015 (Total 4803)


In recent years, China's cultural sector has made new progress through reform with a stable and swift growth momentum and a bright future for development. However, China's cultural industry still faces some obstructive factors and urgent problems in development: the cultural management system needs to be deepened; the structural transformation of cultural institutions into enterprises requires to resolve deep-seated conflicts and problems; policy support for the cultural industry remains to be strengthened; and the international competitiveness of this industry needs to be enhanced. In addition, the cultural industry is facing numerous challenges in expanding overseas presence; relevant issues relating to personnel arrangement have become a key factor restricting its development; and statistical monitoring of the cultural industry ought to be intensified.