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Suggestion on Deepening the Three SOEs' Structure Reforms (No 116, 2015)


By Yuan Dongming, Research Team on "Striking Problems in the Deepening of SOEs' Reform and Countermeasures"

Research Report No 116, 2015 (Total 4801)


Majorly, there are three factors affecting the three SOEs' structure reforms: the scale of competition in sectors where the SOEs are involved, the longstanding problems of the SOEs and the institutional management restraints over the SOEs. At present, most of the SOEs, especially the competitive ones, have made further progress on the three structure reforms in compliance with national laws and regulations as well as relevant polices. However, due to longstanding problems and the institutional management restraints over the SOEs, the three structure reforms are not thoroughly carried out and even face some difficulties relating to inappropriate staff establishment and insufficient incentive measures. In order to advance the three SOEs' structure reforms, efforts should be made to start with external reforms, handle the longstanding problems properly, speed up the building of professional management system, improve the salary system and accelerate the marketization reform on monopolized industries, so as to facilitate internal reform.