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China's Financial Reform in Deep-water Area Needs Key Breakthrough (No 144, 2015)


By Zhang Chenghui, Research Institute of Finance of DRC

Research Report No 144, 2015 (Total 4829)


Certain achievements have been made in China's financial reform so far, but breakthrough is yet to be made in addressing some deep-seated issues. These problems include how to reshape behavior model for the government to manage finance, how to deepen reform of main financial institutions, how to make policy-making for financial reform more scientific, and how to strengthen coordination between financial administrative authorities. This paper holds that as these deep-seated issues have an important bearing on success of financial reform and the transformation of finance, we should never shun from these problems. To this end, it is suggested that first, in order to reshape the government's behavioral model for financial administration, we should first reshape the government's financial development concepts in terms of both the values and the techniques; second, we should adopt the approach of launching pilot projects to deepen reform of main financial institutions and enhance their market competitiveness; and third, we should optimize the policy-making mechanism for financial reform so as to make reform more coordinated and concomitant.