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Accelerate Development of Higher Vocational Education and Promote Integration of Production and Education (No 143, 2015)


By Long Haibo & Sheng Yu, Research Team on "Study on Evaluation of Policies and Work Performance as well as Development and Transformation for National Hi-tech Zones", General Office of DRC

Research Report No 143, 2015 (Total 4828)


In recent years, China's higher vocational education has developed rapidly and nurtured a large batch of mid-and-high level skilled talents, who mark a critical personnel source for the high-tech industry, thus making significant contributions to development of high-tech sector. However, we should at the same time be aware that four problems remain prominent in development of higher vocational education: First, there are relatively few cooperative programs among the industrial, education and research sectors that are targeted to highly skilled talents; second, the supply-demand structure of highly skilled talents is not balanced for now; third, enterprises are not so proactive in participating vocational education; fourth, the current cooperation mechanism and policy incentives remain unsound. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate reform of higher vocational education to enable its better adaptation to new requirements of economic development model transformation and the modern industrial system building. We should make major efforts to improve the system of policies, laws and regulations, innovate personnel development model, and transform concepts for developing education so as to facilitate industrial transformation and upgrading with increased talent dividends.