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China's Enterprise Innovation Policy System: Periodic Features, Problems and Suggestions (No 142, 2015)


By Li Zhijun, Management World Magazine & Lv Yan, Yangzhou University

Research Report No 142, 2015 (Total 4827)


This paper devises approaches to measure policies based on statistic methods and gives a quantitative analysis of the periodic features and problems of China’s enterprise innovation policy system. It is found that there were no enterprise-targeted technological innovation policies in China until 1992. Through 30 years’ of progressive policy improvement, China has basically completed building its enterprise innovation policy system, with improvement on enterprise’s technological innovation capabilities as its aim, whereas there are still some inappropriate issues to be addressed. There is much room for improvement on the competition for maximizing the interests of policy-makers, the promptness and consistency of the policy as well as the structure of policy tools. To upgrade the enterprise innovation policy system, China needs to encourage studies on the patterns of enterprise technological innovation, enhance the consistency and sustainability of the technological innovation policy, strengthen the role of functions of science and technology in the drafting of innovation policy, improve the authoritativeness of relevant policies and the efficiency of policy coordination, optimize the structure of enterprise innovation policy system, improve enterprises’ capability to absorb and assimilate relevant policies and to convert them into productivity and strengthen the role of innovation impetus tools.