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Analysis of the Problem of Overcapacity in China: Relevant Policies, Theories and Case Studies


Part II Research on Establishing and Improving the Policy System of Enterprises' Withdrawal from the Market under the Context of Overcapacity

Chapter Eight: Tackling the Problem of Overcapacity Must Further Establish and Improve the Policy System of Enterprises' Withdrawal from the Market

1. The enterprise withdrawal policy is an important part of the market-oriented economic system

2. Policy goals of the policy system of enterprise withdrawal

3. Relevant policies of the withdrawal of China's enterprises and international experience

4. Several main relationships that must be given special attention to in building the enterprises' withdrawal policy system

5. Key links in establishing and improving the policy system of enterprises' withdrawal at present

Chapter Nine: Analysis and Summary of the Policy and Law on Enterprises' Withdrawal in Present-day China

1. China has preliminarily formed policy and legal frameworks for enterprises' withdrawal

2. Issues, key objectives, and measures of the policy and law on enterprises' withdrawal

3. Major ways to implement the policy on enterprises' withdrawal

4. Main problems and suggestions

Chapter Ten: International Experience Relating to Policy and Legal Systems of Enterprises' Withdrawal under the Context of Overcapacity

1. Policy and legal measures of enterprises' withdrawal in developed countries under the context of overcapacity

2. Main features of the enterprises' withdrawal mechanism in developed countries

3. Revelations to China

Chapter Eleven: Tackling the Problem of Overcapacity Calls for Reducing Local Governments' Administrative Intervention with Enterprises' Withdrawal

1. Five institutional factors for local governments' administrative intervention with enterprises' withdrawal

2. Encourage enterprises to withdraw from the market through de-emphasizing motivations, restricting measures, and improving services

Chapter Twelve: Improve the Income Tax-sharing Mechanism for the Acquisition and Reorganization of Trans-regional Enterprises

1. Impact of the acquisition and reorganization of trans-regional enterprises on the tax revenue of local governments

Part III Relevant Theories and Case Studies



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