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Improve Regional Environmental Regulation and Optimize Productivity Layout (No 153, 2015)


By Lan Zongmin, Research Team on "Study on Optimizing Productivity Layout under Market Economy", Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, DRC

Research Report No 153, 2015 (Total 4838)


China's regulation system for regional environment keeps improving, but resource and environmental capacity between regions differ hugely and environmental regulation intensity between the regions also varies eminently. Under the market economy, China's layout of regional resource and environmental advantages, ecological capacity and layout of environmental regulation and productivity remain unbalanced and uncoordinated, making it difficult to effectively support the goal of coordinated regional development. To improve China's regional environmental regulation and further optimize productivity layout under the market economy, it is suggested that we give free rein to market forces while giving full play to government, accelerate transformation of regional environmental regulation from management to governance, keep enriching tools for regional environmental regulation, build a fair, diverse and fine policy tool system, adopt environmental regulation measures in light of regional differences, implement regional policies with targeted moves, further strengthen coordination in environmental regulation between regions and establish a coordinated and united regulation system.