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Problems with China's Place Name Management in the New Era and Policy Options (No 156, 2015)


By Lan Zongmin, General Office of DRC

Research Report No 156, 2015 (Total 4841)


At present, problems with China's place name management include arbitrary renaming and use of place names, sluggish updating of data accumulation, and mismatch between management services and urbanization. The main institutional factor is non-standard management over a long period which results in deviant understanding, imperfect management functions, lagged management rules and regulations, and deficient operating mechanism. In view of the requirements posed by both new-type urbanization and deepened reform in an all-around way, it is suggested to make efforts on the following aspects: 1. Accelerate the functional transformation of place name management to place name service, and foster the functional coordination between different departments; 2. Further improve the new system of place name management which fits in with urbanization, establish an organizational system of place name management featured by the combination of departments in charge with coordinating agency, and issue as soon as possible new laws, rules and regulations regarding place names; 3. Set up a scientific, systematic, inclusive, and transparent mechanism for place names in order to achieve scientific and democratic policy making, coordinated operation among various parties, innovative market services, and transparent long-acting supervision.