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Step Up the Two-Way Integration of Green Industry with "Internet Plus"


By Zhou Hongchun, research fellow and Director of No. 2 Research Office of Research Department of Social Development of DRC

The two-way integration of green industry with "Internet Plus" overlaps one another and exerts multiplying effects. They demand support of revolution in production modes and consumption patterns. In terms of contributions to green industry, some integration effects are direct, such as technological progress and enhanced competitiveness of the green industry, while some are indirect, such as integration of traditional industries with "Internet Plus".

The integration of the green industry with "Internet Plus" will bring about innovation in development modes, technological progress, and revolution in thinking mode, thus contributing to the enhancement of the competitiveness of green industry. In recent years, China’s energy-saving and environment-friendly industry has developed to a higher level, more attention has been paid to chain-industry management, effects of system optimization have become more prominent, the development model of industrial integration is taking initial shape, and space for development is quite broad.

Extended integration of traditional industries with "Internet Plus" calls for institutional innovation. The government should take relevant steps in the following aspects: 1. Efforts should be made to clarify objectives and goals and foster the transition of traditional industries toward a green and low carbon pattern. The integration of traditional industries with "Internet Plus" not only needs green manufacturing but also green production and consumption. 2. Measures should be taken to address information asymmetry, speed up the integration of transportation and logistics with "Internet Plus", and promote the shift from high cost, high stock, low efficiency and information asymmetry to quickened information disclosure and exchange so as to achieve the integration of trade, logistics, capital and information. 3. Enterprise vitality should be stimulated and problems should be solved including uncoordinated policy implementation among government departments, the devolution of powers in an asynchronous manner, and redundant prerequisites before approval.


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