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China, the UK discuss development and reform innovation


The China-UK Development Forum and the China-UK Reform and Innovation Forum took place at London's Chatham House, on Oct 22. Participants had in-depth discussions about the challenges facing the two countries and the world, measures to solve problems, reform innovation, resources governance, and sustainable development.

Li Wei, President of China's Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), delivered a keynote speech, with the DRC's Vice-President Long Guoqiang making concluding remarks at the development forum.

More than 100 government officials, experts, scholars, and business representatives took part in the one-day event.

The China-UK Development Forum was organized by the DRC and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Those parties signed a memorandum of understanding on establishing cooperative partnerships. DRC President Li Wei met with Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development.

Representatives from both countries expressed their opinions on the visions, priorities, and measures needed to meet the UN's goal of sustainable development.

Li said in his speech that whether China can complete its new development agenda will determine to a large extent whether or not the world can reach the goal. Historically, China has made great contributions to the world's sustainable development. It has also accumulated rich experience which is focused on open development, building a growth pattern with diverse driving forces, keeping social stability as a basic premise, and making reforms to increase system flexibility. While China is aware that its development is still confronted with challenges, it has the conditions and confidence to realize sustainable economic and social development.

According to Li, as a country with a huge population, strong economy, and large trade, China's completion of all tasks in the new development agenda as scheduled will push forward the world's sustainable development. Global sustainable development is not a matter for any one country, or a matter for only China and the UK. It concerns developing countries as well as developed countries. All countries need to share the development opportunities and face challenges together through open minds and closer cooperation. To do so, all countries need to open markets further and take into account the interests of developing countries in optimizing the world economic pattern. They also need to increase cooperation and opportunities as well as to share knowledge of developmental processes.

There were discussions on the following topics during the development forum: "Realizing an Economic Development Benefiting All People", "Building an Efficient and Responsible System for Inclusive Social Development", and "Strengthening Policy Consistency and Promoting Development".

The China-UK Reform and Innovation Forum, with the theme "Reform Innovation, Resources Management, and Sustainable Development", was organized by the DRC and Chatham House. Participants at the forum talked about their experiences in reform innovation and about a more competitive and green growth model.

Two further topics were discussed at the forum: "The Impact of International Commodity Market Fluctuations on Domestic Policies" and "Reform and Innovation Experience and Lessons in the Field of Resources."

Li Wei made a closing speech at the forum's Conclusion and China-UK Future Cooperation Prospect session, saying reform and innovation is not only a major topic for both China and the UK, but a real necessity for global sustainable development.

Vuk Jeremić, President of the Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD), delivered a speech at the reception and released two joint research reports: "China and World Resource Management", a report conducted by the DRC and Chatham House, and a "Study on China's Natural Gas Development Strategy " by the DRC and Royal Dutch Shell.

China, the UK discuss development and reform innovation