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The Role of Government in an Era Characterized by "Made in China" and "Internet Plus"

Nov 09,2015

By Liu Shijin, Development and Research Center of the State Council

"Internet Plus" as a heated issue enjoys great prospects. We need to take a serious approach to figure out what problems could be addressed by Internet and what steps will the government take to advance the "Internet Plus" innovation. The author believes that "Internet Plus" should address three issues, first, increasing information density; second, addressing information asymmetry to some extent; third, combining online message with offline resources. That is why "Internet Plus manufacturing" is bound to change the ways to allocate resources and to improve efficiency. Optimized resource allocation can be achieved through enhanced awareness of Internet use and increased information density. However, there are issues beyond Internet, namely, craftsmanship and fortitude. Though Internet can reorganize the whole production process, loads of work related to the restructuring and upgrading of manufacturing industry are accomplished in the workshop. Restructuring and upgrading of manufacturing industry also needs innovation, exquisiteness, craftsmanship, and fortitude while bringing into play the workers' initiatives. And that requires the government to take relevant steps to promote innovation. First, it'll be better for the government not to draw up any detailed technological roadmap; second, the government does not have to render support to a certain enterprise. There are no specific provisions for innovation, but the government must state its clear-cut stand to support innovation while putting more efforts in creating environment for innovation and addressing specific problems in the course of innovation.

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