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Status Quo and Trends of China's Cross-border E-commerce Development and Policy Options (No 161, 2015)


By Lai Youwei, General Office, the DRC

Research Report No 161, 2015 (Total 4846)


With national policy support, China's cross-border e-commerce has maintained a rapid growth momentum in recent years. China's cross-border e-commerce trade volume reached 4.2 trillion yuan in 2014, 33.3% higher year on year; among the cross-border e-commerce trade volume, exports accounted for around 85.4% and imports 14.6%, with the former far outweighing the latter. Developing cross-border e-commerce not only stimulates China's foreign trade and economic growth, but also promotes economic transformation and upgrading. It is suggested that efforts be made in the following aspects in line with the development trends of cross-border e-commerce: 1. Strive to ensure simultaneously gradual standardization and healthy development of cross-border e-commerce; 2. Establish step by step a policy system and a supervision system that are compatible with the characteristics of cross-border e-commerce development; 3. Continuously optimize the development environment for cross-border e-commerce; 4. Facilitate development of new types of operation such as direct purchase import, bonded inventory, flash sales, etc.; and 5. Enhance development level and international competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce service industry.