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Status Quo of China's Air Transport Industry and Remaining Issues (Special Issue No 39, 2015)


By Liu Tao, Research Team on "Development Strategy for China's Small-and-medium-sized Cities' Accessibility and Regional Aviation", Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report Special Issue No 39, 2015 (Total NO 1442)


The aviation transport development level is a crucial indicator to measure a country's economic and social modernization degree. Air transport plays an indispensable role in the entire comprehensive communication and transport system, occupying a significant position in long-distance and high-speed passenger transport. In recent years, with improvement of people's income, upgraded consumption structure and increasingly connected cross-region economic ties, China's air transport industry has made great development, with business volume growing steadily and infrastructure capability remarkably improved. In addition, the industry has become more market-oriented, trunk line network is improved and regional aviation has taken initial shape. But it should be pointed out that China's capability for civil aviation to serve economic and social development remains to be strengthened, trunk and feeder network of air transport still lack effective connection, regional aviation development faces a series of restraints, civil aviation enterprises' competitiveness is weak, and air transport development policies remain to be improved.