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Main Disputes and Policy Options Regarding Revision of Wildlife Protection Law (No 170, 2015)


By Chang Jiwen & Wu Ping, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies of DRC; Wang Keying & Yin Lixia, School of Humanities and Economic Management of China University of Geosciences

Research Report No 170, 2015 (Total 4855)


China is revising the Wildlife Protection Law, and some hot issues have triggered public discussion. In terms of legislative intent, the law provides terms for conservation of wildlife habitats, specification of utilizing wildlife resources, and maintenance of biodiversity. In terms of protection target, it suggests to combine key protection with general protection, alter classification criteria with respect to "state protection of terrestrial wildlife of usefulness, important economic value, and important scientific interest", and expand the scope of habitat protection. In terms of taming and breeding, it stipulates to set a guideline of "scientific taming and breeding", formulate an animal inventory specifying artificial breeding and comprehensive utilization, protect animal welfare, and implement scientific re-wilding and re-introduction. In terms of social governance, it recommends to make clear the principles of information disclosure and public participation, broaden the channels for public participation, establish funds, empower social organizations to file public interest lawsuits, and bring into play the self-regulatory role of industry associations. In terms of legal liability, it further specifies the liabilities of consumers and regulators and suggests to add new items of illegal acts, intensify punishment relating to infringement of the Wildlife Protection Law, focus on supervising network market, and set up a compensation fund for harm to wildlife.